Monday, October 06, 2003
** Humor

I was reading last week's edition of The Onion this morning when I came across an article entitled Thank You, But That Was Siegfried's Idea. It was purportedly written by Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn, with photo and all. I looked at the headline in disbelief. Could they really have written an article parodying the Vegas duo that just happened to come out a day or two before the tiger attack? I read on. Yes indeed. Total coincidence. The article basically makes fun of Roy. He's talking to a fan, and has to admit that all of the good ideas were Siegfried's, except that Roy came up with the idea of having tigers in the show. Very eerie.

I checked online this morning, and the article has been removed from TheOnion.com for obvious reasons. I was, however, able to find a Google cached version of the site that has a link to the article. Unfortunately I can't find a cache of the article itself, but I'll hold on to the hard copy.
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