Thursday, October 23, 2003
*** Politics

On October 10, I linked to a New York Daily News article by Thomas DeFrank stating that Rumsfeld and Powell would be canned if Bush won reelection in 2004. (Click on the archives to your right if you want to see the article, I can't link directly to it.

Now DeFrank has another fascinating article that further probes the rifts in the Bush administration. Today's story is that Bush is pissed at Rummy for leaking yesterday's memo on the War on Terror because it puts Bush in a bad light. Definitely worth a read.

Also worth a read is Josh Marshall's discussion about why DeFrank is able to get such juicy gossip. Josh says: "DeFrank has deep ties with various Bush One insiders including the president." Josh further speculates that DeFrank is now the goto guy "for some Bush One type at or in the orbit of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Oh, who could that be …"

Is Josh referring to Powell? Cheney doesn't seem to be a likely suspect, since he's so in bed with Rummy. On the other hand, the first DeFrank article also has negative things to say about Powell. Hmm.
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