Tuesday, January 20, 2004
* Politics

This is a repost from my diary on DailyKos.

So we're down to four real candidates. Kos thinks the order may be Dean, Kerry, Edwards, Clark. I suppose I agree, although we'll certainly know more as the week progresses. Here's my issue: I don't like Kerry. I'd be thrilled to have any of Clark, Dean, or Edwards (in alphabetical order) as the Democratic nominee.

What if, hypothetically, the Dean decline continues this week and Kerry starts polling as the favorite in New Hampshire?

If I were New Hampshire voter (and I am not), I might then decide that my vote could best be used strategically to pick an anti-Kerry among the three remaining choices. How should I vote?

My thesis: I think at this point that Edwards would make the best anti-Kerry. Here's my reasoning.

What do you think? Could it come down to a Kerry/Edwards fight against all conventional wisdom?
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