Wednesday, February 25, 2004
** Culture Wars

Today feels like a bad day in the Culture Wars. Along with the hateful gay marriage amendment, we've got Mel Gibson and his gory movie making big headlines. I have to hand it to Mel; he's created an audience for wingnut Hollywood fare out of nothing. I guess we can expect to see more stuff like this in the future.

Nonetheless, I'm not feeling too terrible. The gay marriage thing might (and hopefully this is not just wishful thinking) totally tank. I don't expect the amendment to pass through Congress. If it does, there have got to be at least 13 states that wouldn't ratify it, right? Right? Certainly I'll be demonstrating in the streets if either NY or CA comes close to ratifying this thing.

Since I haven't seen Mel's movie, it's harder to comment on it. On CNN this morning, Bill Hemmer couldn't stop talking about how everyone was just riveted in their seats. On the other hand, he saw it with a bible study group. I'll be interested to see how mainstream America reacts to this film. Perhaps it may be just a bit too disturbing and gory to become a hit with Joe Consumer. Regardless, I hope that someone starts making a parody film right away. Maybe something like Christ's Passion. Nah, I'm crazy to even think of such a thing. Forget I said it. Forget I published it on my blog and that it will be on Google forever.
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