Friday, February 27, 2004
** Politics

Loudocracy hereby endorses John Kerry as the democratic nominee for President. My reasoning is as follows. If one of Kerry or Edwards were more electable, I would choose that candidate. I've thought about this, and I've decided that they are equally electable. Edwards may be a bit better with independents and people from the south, but Kerry can take the veteran / strong on security vote. I see it as break even.

Therefore the choice for me is who would make a better President. I choose Kerry over Edwards for two reasons. First, and most importantly, I agree with Kerry's views on trade. Edwards is too much of a protectionist. If Edwards' policies were enacted, it would be bad for the US, and bad for the world.

Second, Kerry would be superior with respect to the War on Drugs. As is pointed out at TalkLeft, The Marijuana Policy Project gives an "F" grade to John Edwards in its Voter's Guide. John Kerry gets an "A-".

I'm not aware of any other significant distinguishing characteristics between the candidates. John Kerry for President!

For the record, I'd take Dean or Clark over Kerry in a heartbeat. I may yet vote for Dean in the NY primary on March 2. At this point, any vote not for Edwards is a vote for Kerry. And my protest vote would be recorded, for whatever that's worth. (Not much).
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