Tuesday, March 09, 2004
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It's hard to categorize this Salon article that delves into data and web searching companies like Google and Yahoo, and what the future might hold. But did you know that the entire world wide web represents only 1% of the data that is potentially available to search engines? The other 99% is locked up in databases, both private and government. It's called the "deep Web". Search engine companies are trying to figure out how to access the deep Web and structure results containing this data. I guess the main point of the article is that as this type of search becomes more prevalent, there will be significant disruptions to the information economy.
If you buy the Cluetrain maxim that "hyperlinks subvert hierarchy," then surely deep Web search engines will amplify that subversion. As search engines extend their reach deeper into and across organizations, the boundaries between those organizations will feel more fluid -- both to consumers and to the organizations themselves. The first thing most of us notice may be better search results.

Somewhere inside that complex apparatus of desire and fulfillment, a transformation is taking place, one whose effects we can barely foresee.
Bottom line, I can't properly summarize this article, and I recommend it if you're interested in this subject.

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