Monday, March 15, 2004
** Spain and the War on Terror: are the terrorists winning?

On CNN this morning, Jack Cafferty was asking whether the elections in Spain show that the terrorists are winning. The majority of letters that he read in response to this question basically said "yes".

I think that the attack and election show a lot of things, but to reduce it to a statement like "the terrorists are winning" sounds like little more than propaganda. Here's what I think it shows:Bottom line, the terrorists are not quite winning, but they're certainly doing better than Bush says they are. Nonetheless, I think the American public will see these elections and rally around Bush, at least in the short term. My prediction is that this will lead to a short term bump in Bush's approval numbers on the order of 5% or so. Kerry needs to go on the offensive and distinguish Iraq from Al Queda. He also needs to think about bringing on a national security person (like Clark) as VP.
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