Monday, July 12, 2004
** Politics

There's been a huge amount of talk on the lefty blogs about the Newsweek article that floated the possibility of postponing elections in the event of a terrorist attack. E.g. Kos.

I don't think there's any likelihood that elections would actually be postponed, no matter what, since the Pubs would be the likely beneficiaries of any late attack. However, the existence of this story perhaps reveals the administration's true strategy for how to pull out this election. Here's what I see happening:

1) Every time the Kerry campaign starts to get some coverage, the Homeland Security department will bring up the election threat.

2) Sometime around October they will raise the security level from yellow to red, and more details about the attacks will slowly leak out.

3) By the time the actual elections come around, the fear level will have been ratcheted up so severely, that it would seem like folly to replace our commander and lord when an attack is so imminent.

If no attack takes place, then it was right to leave Bush in power since he protects us. If an attack does take place, well then at least we were warned.
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