Friday, October 22, 2004
* Flu

I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to keep talking about flu vaccines. Today's NYTimes article on the subject shows that the Bush administration continues to lie about its lack of preparedness. Juxtapose this:
"We don't know where, when or how many flue vaccines have come into our areas or whether it's on the way," Mary Selecky, secretary or health for Washington State, said Thursday.
with this:
[Tommy] Thompson said the Bush administration had drastically increased spending on the flu. "We are prepared," he said.
So the bottom line is that local and state health officials still have no idea what's going on, what to tell peopole who need shots, or when or whether they'll even get vaccines. In the meantime, all the Bush administration can do is try to shift the blame. In that light, here's my favorite quote from the article:
Bill Pierce, a spokesman for Health and Human Services, said, "We're resisting the temptation to blame anybody, and we hope others do, too."
I just don't understand why Kerry isn't making more hay out of this.
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