Tuesday, October 19, 2004
* Flu

I worked from home today with CNN on in the background. The flu vaccine shortage is definitely the main thing being talked about (although it's far from the only thing). This is a good issue for Kerry. The Republicans are trying to blame it on Kerry for his supposed opposition to tort reform, but the attacks ring hollow. In the meantime, the Democrats can just say: "you knew about this for three years, where's the vaccine?" Democrats are also pushing the line that the Republicans are refusing to take responsibility here, as usual, and tying it into larger campaign themes.

And Tommy Thompson is a horrible speaker and looks like a total idiot.

Incidentally, I may have been the very first blogger to suggest that Kerry use this issue. I posted a diary about this on Kos the day of the second debate, when the story first broke, but it didn't go anywhere. I was a bit too far ahead of the curve. Some people thought it was out of left field when this issue was mentioned in the third debate. Kerry should have been on it before then.
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