Friday, November 05, 2004
* Politics

I really don't have much to say about why we lost or what we need to do to move forward more successfully. There's plenty of commentary on those issues elsewhere and I'm sure that progressives will be a big part of the dialog.

I do have one thought on how the democrats should respond to the whole mandate vs. unity issue. Obviously the first key test will be Rehnquist's replacement. If/when Bush attempts to appoint a Wingnut, we need to respond "Hey, I thought you said you were trying to unite us!" Then we need to begin the filibuster to end all filibusters. Otherwise, I basically recommend going along with the Republican agenda. Tone it down, but don't filibuster everything (although I did fantasize about buying "filibustereverything.com"). Things are going to be pretty messed up during the next four years and it is important that we don't take the blame.

Otherwise, go states rights!
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