Monday, November 01, 2004
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Watching CNN tonight, you couldn't help but to think that this puppy is over. John King, who has been with the Bush folks for a long time now keeps mentioning "nostalgia". And Bill Schneider basically just said it was Kerry's to lose on Aaron Brown. The tide must have truly turned to get CNN changing it's tune this substantially.

Meanwhile, commenters on Kos are reporting that right wing radio hosts are already referring to "President Kerry".

The only possible concern is rain in Ohio. But with Florida and New Hampshire looking like sure things for Kerry at this point, there are not many scenarios where Bush can win even if he takes Ohio. Perhaps this is why he's been campaigning so hard in Pennsylvania, which has always been a major long shot for him.

I asked my dad today if he thought Kerry would win, and he said yes. A month ago he thought Bush would win. He is almost the perfect barometer of semi-liberal public opinion. So I take this as evidence that, at a minimum, people do not believe that a Bush win is inevitable. More likely, I think the undecideds will be breaking for Kerry as people jump on the bandwagon tomorrow.

If it is true that right wing radio is calling this for Kerry, it could get really ugly for Bush. I wouldn't be surprised seeing some sore losers stay home. Add to that the youth vote which everyone is agreeing is under-polled, and we might even be seeing serious Democratic gains in Congress!

I will go to sleep happy tonight and vote tomorrow for the first time since I voted for Clinton in '96.
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